Gateway Ambassadors

Gateway Ambassadors are student liaisons who facilitate the connection between Career Services and the Lafayette student community. They also serve as role models and spokespersons for the Gateway Program through various activities.

Class of 2018

Matthew Ackerman '18

Matthew Ackerman ’18

English and Policy Studies
Career Advice: “Make time for what is important to you. People are very busy on campus and often say “but I don’t have time for this.” If you are looking for an opportunity through Career Services, like an externship, internship, etc., try and make time. Carve out a place in your schedule where you can dedicate an hour or whatever time to search, ask questions, email or call, and never be afraid to ask for help. The Career Services Staff is here for you!”

Khulganaa Buyannemekh'18

Khulganaa Buyannemekh ’18

Career Advice: “Coming Soon”

Paul Hackett'18

Paul Hackett’18

Chemical Engineering, Film Minor
Career Advice: “The best and most simple career advice I have gotten is “Work hard and be nice”-life can seem busy and complicated at times so I like to stick to the basics wherever possible!”

Adam Rosen'18

Adam Rosen ’18

Mathematics and Economics; Certificate in Financial Policy and Analysis
Career Advice: “My biggest piece of advice is to begin networking from the start. It is not about what you know but who you know.”

Bradley Seeber '18

Bradley Seeber ’18

Economics with Finance Certificate; Spanish minor
Career Advice: “One thing I have learned from college recruiting is that you should never put all of your eggs into one basket. Always have a backup plan!”

Class of 2019

Kimesha Branch

Kimesha Branch ’19

Mathematics & Economics; Bio-engineering Minor
Career Advice: “If you’re not going to do it well, you should not bother to do it all. Your work is a reflection of you.”

Bridget Coffey

Bridget Coffey ’19

Government and Law & Policy Studies
Career Advice: “Be yourself when pursing your career options. Stick to your passions and true interests, and you will be happy and successful. Do what you love and love what you do!”

fanessa de la rosa ’19

Engineering Studies and International Affairs
Career Advice: “The best time to connect with someone is before you need them.  Strive to be your authentic self in every situation.”

hoa duong ’19

Mathematics & Economics
Career Advice: “During an internship, I learned that opportunities come in different ways, so I should always give my best, regardless of the nature of the work.”

Olivia Hill ’19

English w/Writing Concentration; Architectural Studies Minor
Career Advice: “Not every internship or externship experience will be a good one. But you have to realize, that even though you may not be having the time of your life or doing exactly what you had wanted or planned to, there is so much more to be learned. Take note of what you are learning about your career preferences from what you dislike, and this will help you have better experiences in the future.”

chenyu zhang ’19

Career Advice: “Do what you love, and love what you do! Always keep an open mind and try new things because you may end stumbling across something awesome. Make the effort to go beyond expectations, take good notes and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”


<Lovejoy Afoakwa


Mechanical Engineering
Career Advice: “When pursuing your career goals, do not allow your decisions to be swayed by other people’s interests. The decisions you make must not make anyone happy but yourself because it is your life and it is your choice to do whatever you have passion for. Follow your heart, do what you love and without a doubt, I know that you will be a success in anything you do.”


Allana doyle ’20

Mechanical Engineering
Career Advice: “My advice would be to make an effort because how much time and energy you put into looking for internships or jobs will reflect in the opportunities that you will have. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions and make mistakes because this is the time to learn and grow.”


Katie gonick ’20

Policy Studies and Mathematics
Career Advice: “Keep your options open!  Having “too many interests” is never a bad thing.”

scott kelly ’20

Career Advice: “Never be afraid to ask for help, whether it be from the person next to you or a boss, it is always better to seek advice and learn rather than waste time by not knowing how to complete a task.”

joseph seyoum ’20

Mathematics & Economics


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